About Us

Quality Imported Foods

Verseveld started in the poultry processing business over 50 years ago in Ingen, Holland, Europe.

The convenience and safety of fully cooked poultry has strengthened worldwide imports over the last decades.

For almost 20 years Verseveld UK has developed the import of cooked poultry into the UK / Irish and EU markets from the key poultry producers in the world specifically; Brasil / Thailand / China where key advantages on feed, land and labour costs have driven the success and competitiveness of these producers.



USA trade relationships have now opened up these markets with FDA and USDA /FSIS approvals and ongoing testing at these facilities by the USDA 

These market leaders can now offer the USA the same quality products that we have been supplying the UK, Ireland and the EU

for the last 20 years.

We look forward to discussing the opportunities further!    info@VerseveldUSA.com